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OaKley company provide new glasses each month

Shangwuduo in over 30 years have been sun shades circuit for years, Orlando run
Dicks cottons, online clothing, sun shades and retail companies.

Each month, you will get a new pair of sun shades. The first are Eaton called the “surprise”.

But the company is different; think of the wine club meets shaving Club.

“Many of them are made in the same factory as the world’s largest brands,” Eaton said.

The idea has captured the Kickstarter universe of imagination, pull over over three,000 members and pledged $ 350,000 in a few months.

For about $ 200, you will get a door-to-door in a bright yellow box on the right has a pair of sun shades every month. Also has some additional roll to join what they call “the final sun buy oakley sunglasses cheap shades. ”

Admundson is astonished at the “Club” has taken off at a speed of. This may be because the cost.

In the event you would like to know in the event you have a style choice, part of the answer is that you get. In your sun shades experience.

Admundson says, it is all about your persona.

Styles are countless, including hikers, pilots and collapsible design frame.

“When you sign up, you will fill out a design guide, so they can know a tiny bit about you. They intend to make use of it for you, “he said.

They start with neutral sun shades and evolved in to the frames and lenses of different shades and colors to generate a custom combination of sun shades for the customer.

With spring break approaching, the company looks forward to a spike orders.

You can join for month, months a year, and the adjournment or closure of the Member at any time.

“It’s going to be fascinating, you’ll love the colors that you get,” Eaton predicted.

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