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“Lessons are the silver-lining in any experience,oakley sunglasses canada, whether it’s heartbreak or failure. Be sad and mourn, but also take something away,” she said.Bviously it’s been a smart career move, and with YouTube stars only making more and more each year (the earnings of the creators behind the top ten channels increased 23% last year), it seems a worthy investment of her time.


She came up with hundreds of pieces of advice by taking notes of lessons-learned on her phone everyday. For readability-sake, she narrowed the list down to 50 morals for the final guide. oakley sunglasses canada sale, The idea that Singh would dole out lessons may come off as a bit presuming, but each bit of advice gets presented in an authentic way, and her own mistakes are the building blocks of the book.


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Smart glasses are Luxottica, with Oakley and Intel, the result of the two-year alliance between core technology and architecture. Intel push technology can be in clothing, invisible,oakley vault clearance the design philosophy of the main focus of the design of radar speed.Many smart sunglasses are entering the market.

But unlike Google Glass and Solos, the Radar Pace doesn’t have a screen. A voice-activated system works better because information on a screen can be distracting when cycling or running, Oakley officials said. oakley sunglasses womens , The voice-activated system can convey daily workout plans, or answer questions that will provide real-time information on speed, race, metrics, and heart rate to people wearing Radar Pace.You might be wondering why I’m not referring to them as smart glasses. While they are technically glasses, you won’t be seeing anything on the lenses. It’s all about using your ears – and your voice, of course.